Let's Get to WorkA business information consultant can provide fresh eyes and add value for your organization. You believe your processes are sluggish, and pinpointing the specific issues is evasive. Your group has an issue, who and where are the experts with solutions? Your organization is keen for innovation. How do you harness the knowledge of the enterprise toward innovative projects, products, and/or services? You want to create or refresh your online content and social business strategy, how do you begin and how will you measure the strategy’s performance? Whether your organization is eager to tackle innovation and growth opportunities, struggling to streamline your information processes, or looking for a place to start making the most of your information assets Hunter Knowledge and Insights, LLC can help! We are readily available to put fresh eyes on your data, information flows, and processes in a way that improves your organization by increasing efficiency, reduces expenses, and increases revenue. Contact us and we will be the objective fresh eyes for your data, information, and knowledge management needs.

Data Insights and Communication

From reporting to analysis to storytelling, we have you covered. We work with you to learn what data you have and the story you want to tell. Create scorecards to manage operations and dashboards to tell the story.

Content and Information Management 

We use business analysis and information architecture techniques to objectively stand in the gap between users and IT professionals to create an information organization system that works for your enterprise, and the same techniques for small business for content management and website design.

Knowledge Management and Governance

Understanding the knowledge capability problem and applying the applicable knowledge capability solution is our sweet spot. Let us help before you select and implement a tool to ensure you’re solving the intended problem.

Seminars and Workshops

We offer a variety of seminars and workshops on digital and information processes and technologies. Not only will you learn, but your group will also have fun. Our founder, Valeria Hunter is also available for speaking engagements and to participate in panel discussions on information literacy, entrepreneurship, and careers in science and engineering.

Contact us to begin your project or arrange a seminar or workshop event for your group.